Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's All Drag Ourselves Over the Week's Finish Line Together.

This has been the. longest. week. ever. My extremely beloved boss handed in her resignation. My 10-day cold has turned into a sinus thing. I'm working a conference for two days, and by the time it ends early this afternoon, I would've put in over 47 hours this week. Oh, and after putting items on my work laptop at o'dark-thirty yesterday morning to work on at the conference, my hard drive exploded while I was there-- so I now can neither work on anything, nor re-access it from our work server (or turn in my time card, for that matter). It also meant traveling ten miles past my house after the conference (and back) last night to drop it off in the office, in hopes our IT guy can get to it today and I can get back on track on Monday. All of this was on top of my regular busy workload.

The Human Male is also having a rough week. The worst thing: he got a ticket for "fare evasion" last night and has
to go to court because the card scanner on the Metro last night didn't pick up his card as he walked through. To which I'd like to say to Metro, I'd like to give you tickets for broken, unsafe, exploding, and always late trains and stations. And while we're at it, your stupid, slow, iffy card scanners. You should be paying your riders for putting up with your garbage.

We broke out the special bottle of Meritage last night, figuring that we'd earned it.

Ignoring all Daily Grind activities, just by looking at the weather reports all over the country, I get the impression that The Human Male and I are not alone in Craptacular 2009 this week. While our weather's rainy and 30-40 degrees below normal, it's not snowing here.

I've decided that we all need a Moment of Zen today. Here's the one I'm offering you: puggle snuggling a blankie in a papasan.

Okay, now it's your turn. What's your Moment of Zen offering this week? What's making you smile, or put things into perspective? Please share-- write or link to it below.


Mr. Puggle said...

oh you poor thing. yes you earned that bottle. what a sucky week.

let go of the things you can't control, like computer crashes and rain. worrying won't add one hour to your life. so take it as a blessing that you have a great excuse to do nothing but to snuggle with human male and the puggle in your soft comfy chair and recharge. you put your phone in the recharger right? think of the papasan chair as your charger. and oh, have your happy place pictures on your computer or tv.

my perspective? the creator of the universe knitted me in my mother's womb and put me here on earth for a reason. he loves me so much he gave up a part of himself for me even when i didn't deserve it. (he picked me just like you picked alice) just as i want my puggle to be happy and have the best, the universe's "alpa male" wants the best for me. i make him smile just as my puggle makes me.

so when the creator of the universe has your back, life is good. i know i am here only for a short while compared to what comes next. this is just one stop on that crazy slow metra and i can handle it because the next stop i won't need a card reader or ever be sick. it will be perfect. and the wine at the final stop? well let's just say it will be divine. :)

um, yup, i guess that would be my perspective on how to handle crap on earth. have a good weekend and i hope you get to recharge!

mamala said...

What a lousy week! But, now it's time to look on the BRIGHT SIDE:

1.Your boss is leaving , but how great that you got to know, learn from, and work with her. She will always be a friend. If she is moving to another job in the field, then you have just enlarged your professional network.

2. Your computer blew up but you are lucky to have an IT guy who will get it fixed and you now have an excuse to NOT work this weekend!

3.Human Male got the ticket from a faulty card reader, but he was on his way from WORK- he has a JOB that is a good thing!

After all the annoyances of the week you had EACH OTHER,ALICE, and some good wine to come home to and
be comforted! Any week that ends like that is a VERY GOOD week! Besides... your mama told you there would be weeks like this! ;-)

My good news this week is
1. No more bandages on face! 2.When Izzy threw up on the bed at 2AM last night she missed the down comforter (which is a pain to clean)! Have to see the sunshine wherever you can find it!

Hope next week is much better for you and that you have a fun weekend. ALICE THINKS going to the park this weekend is a perfect way to start a new and better week (especially if you stop for treats!)!

Sandra y Coco said...

I am sorry you had such a bad week. I hope this one starts nice and lucky for you all. What made me smile this weekend? Go visit my blog (today's post), and you will know!

Ariel said...

Aww! Poor your poor humans Alice. I will pray that they have a better week. I bet you cheered them up.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3