Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Beagle Story.

Once in a while I try to make an effort to learn about something important to The Human Male. This is why I know what the "3rd and 10" is. What makes it easier is finding something that I like in what he likes. Which is why Larry Fitzgerald is my extremely handsome Mountain Standard Time Zone Boyfriend.

The Human Male likes a blogger for The Atlantic named Andrew Sullivan. I like Mr. Sullivan, but he's The Human Male's Blogger Boyfriend-- Andrew and I are just friends. But one thing I really like about Mr. Sullivan is that he's a dog person. Specifically, he likes beagles. He likes beagles the way pug(gle) people like pug(gle)s-- wholeheartedly, recklessly, and without abandon.

I grew up with a pug, so I recognize those traits in Alice, but beagles are a bit of a mystery to me. I get really excited when I see Alice traits in beagles-- I feel like a get a new piece of the puzzle. Mr. Sullivan's blog has offered those pieces more than once.

A few days ago, The Human Male sent me a link to a sweet little blog post about one of his beagles-- interestingly enough, her name is Dusty. It's so touching, and I can see that some of Alice's tenacity (and her flapping ears) are purely beagle. Let's just say, Dusty made me notice just how badly my office needed some Pledge.

What a good dog.


Mr. Puggle said...

so alice, i swear i am not a stalker, hitting you twice with comments today.

every morning i check my blog to see who has updated their blog and i visit. i did that this morning. went to puglet's blog. what a find! what awesome photography and clever titles. i didn't really read too many posts, just scrolled down and actually went through the entire blog.

i returned to your blog to report the above but found you had a new post so i checked that out too. this part got dust in my eyes.

But she now limps a little, and this time, even with her bad knee, she dragged me to the rock like a steam engine. She couldn't clamber up, so I lifted her.

have a great day!

Ariel said...

Sure made human Granny's tears start flowing. Even made me get a little sniffle or two.....♥ Thanks for sharing Alice. Love the stories.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3