Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alice and the Emergency Vet.

Last night we were playing around with Alice and I noticed she had this weird thing on her foot-- red and swollen with white things on it.  Alice's feet are in our faces more than they're not, so we would've noticed if this had been there before.  I immediately thought she ripped her nail out, but then counted how many she had left.  No dice.  Then I thought she broke her toe and it was sticking out, but when I touched it, it wasn't hard.  Then I thought it might be a bug that had burrowed its way into her toe, or that she stepped on something. Besides being agitated that we were holding her and poking her foot, Alice was acting totally fine, but we decided to be safe than sorry and took her to the emergency vet.

We're fortunate to have an emergency vet within ten minutes of our house, and when we got there, there was one person in the waiting room and another person walking out.  We thought that was a good sign that they'd be able to see her quickly.  As The Human Male signed in, I started filling out paperwork.  The vet tech asked The Human Male what was wrong, and he explained the mystery malady.  The tech hesitated, and said "Is it bleeding?"  We said no, and the vet decided to come around and take a look at it.  I stopped filling out the paperwork (I'd written down my name, phone number, and e-mail) and brought Alice over.  

After approximately thirty seconds of poking at it, the vet tech smiled and said, "To be honest, you're better off not paying the $110 for the appointment."  She recommended that maybe we make an appointment with our vet on Monday to have it checked.  Maybe. 

Okay, so I know we looked like hyper idiots bringing their $20 dog in because she's got a thing on her foot that's not bothering her at all, but I really think it's better to be safe than sorry.  Plus I'm sure that it gave some hardworking vets a laugh they don't get that often.

I'd love to know what Alice thought of the night, though.  First, we grab her and poke her foot.  Then we go for  a ride and take her to a place where a stranger poked her foot.  Then we took her on a ride home.  I hope somewhere in her little puggle head she understands we weren't trying to make her crazy.    


Mr. Puggle® said...

oh my. my heart sank when i saw the title. glad she is okay.

God help you two if you ever have a bi ped baby. "Oh it sneezed, get your coat, pull around the car, where is the number to the doctor..."

just jokin'! i am a big dork when it comes to mr. p. and agree it is better to be safe. glad you didn't loose the $110 bucks.

i have not forgotten about alice's shirt. i am thinkin it will be a christmas in july present at this point. :)

mamala said...

Don't worry about looking silly for paying $110 for a doctor visit for a $20 dog. I remember paying hundreds for surgery on your $5 (if that) mouse. Can't put a price on a beloved pet . Hope Alice is ok.

Riley said...

Glad she is ok, and no i don't think she was thinking that at all, I'm sure she was thinking "oh wow they love me so much to drop everything and put me first, I'm a LUCKY pup"

Ariel said...

So happy it wasn't much! Yes I know the feeling. Human Granny took me to the Emergency Vet to get some glass out of my foot. OUCH! But I am fine now. Better to be safe that sorry!
Hope it turned out o.k. <3