Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who wants to hear some good news?

Remember Berdina, the pit bull from a local DC shelter who got lost and was running around a Maryland park last April?

After 355 days missing, someone brought her into the shelter today.  Berdina's back home at the shelter!  They said she's doing really well (just a little dirty-- and what dog isn't?) and gave everyone kisses when she saw them.  

Weatherwise, this little dog has been through the unthinkable-- three blizzards since she was lost.  Not to mention a DC summer, maneuvering around busy DC-area roadways, and nearly a year camping out in a very un-pit bull-friendly area.  I wish she could talk-- I bet she's got quite some stories to tell!

I'm sure you all do this, but it definitely bears repeating-- when you see a lost pet sign, please take a look at it and keep an eye out for them.  Great things can happen when we lend a hand!   


Mr. Puggle® said...

oh joy joy...happy dance

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