Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wonder Puggle!

Alice got a SPECTACULAR present in the mail yesterday: a T-shirt from Mr. Puggle!

But it's not just any shirt.  Oh, no.  It's a Wonder Puggle shirt!

Alice (and The Human Male) picked me up at the train station last night and she was wearing it.  Oh, man-- my car seriously needs to be dusted.

The Lady that Feeds Mr. Puggle and I had discussed an idea for this shirt, but she took a sketchy idea and made it so much better than I ever could've imagined.  She's so creative and brilliant.  BRILLIANT!

I'm completely thrilled and speechless.  It's so perfect.  I have no idea what to say except THANK YOU.  Thank you a thousand times!

Bonus: Not only does it fit Alice perfectly, but she actually enjoys wearing it.  She'll be in it all the time!   


Kevin Marshall said...

Oh my God! I love how she poses!

Einstein the Puggle said...

Alice! Where have you been all my (short) life? I found your blog via Mr. Puggle, and am so glad you won the groovy shirt!

Mom has added you to my blog feeds because we think you're really cute, and we love your mom's writing style!

Einstein P. Williams
(The "P" stands for pez dispenser... we'll let you take a visual moment in your mind to figure that out)

mamala said...

Batman had Robin, Green Lantern had Kato, and now our Wonder Woman has Wonder Puggle! Love the shirt!

Mr. Puggle® said...

So glad you like it and it came out okay. I was nervous how the solid black would turn out in print. Glad I went with the larger size too.

Alice looks adorable in it. She still cracks me up with that under bite. I think she knows how cute her smile is.

I just revisited your wonder woman post and reread my comments. How prophetic. :)

It was fun to see Einstein's comments, because they love your writing style too.