Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dog-Knee-Elbow-Eye Connection, or That Time I Punched Myself in the Face.

Something happened on Sunday night that's so outlandish, I'm not sure that I even believe it-- and I was there.  The short version is, Alice started a chain reaction that resulted in me giving myself a black eye.  

Here's the long version.  For the second time in six months, my small, four-people-at-our-peak team at work lost an employee last week.  I've been doing okay with it, just a little stressed and beat from long work days.

However, the thought of my first work day as the longest-standing member of my team left me a little too anxious on Sunday night to get to sleep.  And as anxiety is wont to do, stress on top not being able to sleep when you really need to can result in a lot of tears, pacing, and swearing at the universe and the clock as the minutes tick away. 

Alice doesn't do well when we're upset-- she gets really wound up herself.  And when Alice gets upset, she barks.  Shrilly.  And without cessation. 

Meanwhile, it was like 2:45A.  The thought of waking up my neighbors made me more upset, meaning even more tears.  And more barking.

With Alice so tweaked out, I decide to get back in bed and watch the clock from there-- anything to get her to calm down.  As I was crawling back into bed, I rubbed my eyes to wipe some tears away.  At the very moment I lifted my leg onto the bed, Alice jumped on at full force, knocking my knee into my elbow, and my fist into my eye.

Now, we're not talking a nice, dainty tap.  No.  It was a bruiser and hurt pretty badly.  Which caused me to cry even more and Alice to start screeching away again. 

Okay, so I really can't blame Alice for this-- she's as responsible as my job or physics.  She was just a cog in the chain reaction machine.  But let me just say, I'd really like to be able to blame her-- it's pretty freaking stupid (though awfully funny) to give yourself a black eye at 3 in the morning.

So tell me: what's the dumbest pet-related injury you've received?

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Mr. Puggle® said...

oh my gosh. what a freaky set of events. your poor eye. hope you eventually got some sleep.