Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everyone loves Matt Damon!

The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue has a fantastic dog named Matt Damon.  Matt's recently gone through a series of surgeries and is now available for adoption.

We met Matt a couple of months ago and I'm still totally smitten with him.*  I love, love, LOVE him.  There's even been discussion here tonight of if he isn't adopted this weekend, ** Alice and Matt may need to meet.

If you have a Matt Damon-shaped hole in your life and live in the DC viscinity (or know someone who does), please consider adopting him.  You'll be one of the luckiest dog owners out there.

* The Human Male loves him, too.  He's absolutely awesome.  Both Matt Damon and The Human Male.

** Both of us agree that he probably won't.  He's that fabulous.

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