Friday, May 21, 2010

A Change of Routine.

The Human Male was out of town last weekend.  One of his sisters graduated from college (congratulations!) and he went up to watch.  So Alice and I had a girl's weekend.

Apparently, however, The Human Male did not ask for Alice's permission first.  That little dog pouted aaaaaaalllll weekend long.

First she'd flop by the couch and sigh.  Then she'd flop on the bed and sigh.  Then she'd stare out the window and sigh.  Then I'd give her a treat and she'd poo-poo it and sigh.  She was so dramatic.

Besides the sighing, she was just kind of off all weekend.  She'd tear over to any male we passed wearing jeans or khaki shorts-- apparently Alice has no idea what The Human Male looks like from the knees up.  My arms were pretty sore by Sunday from her yanking on her leash and dragging her back to me.  At the park, she yelled at a rottweiler and pit bull who were vivaciously play-wrestling with one another (which truthfully gave all the owners a good laugh).  We went down to the river to play with a tennis ball (one of her very favorite activities) and she would only wade over to it and, yes, sigh.

Alice was a total piece of work the whole weekend.  The only time she was truly herself was early Sunday morning, after I wore her out on a long Saturday night run.  She was great until about 1P, when she pulled her bed out of her crate, positioned it in front of the door, and started sighing like it was her job.
When I went to pick up The Human Male from Union Station, I decided to bring her along.  I don't think we'd brought her over there before, so I thought both the adventure and getting to see her boy as soon as possible might be just what Princess Sighs-a-Lot needed.

I swear, when she saw The Human Male waiting, music started playing in her little puggle head.  If she could've done a slow run, she would've.  Instead, it was more of a high-speed, drag-your-owner scramble to him.

I wonder if she didn't know that he was going and if he told her ahead of time, she would've been less mopey-- or if she's just going to be pouty when one or the other of us leaves now, no matter what.  I'm going to be gone at least half of next month-- including our first trip where we won't be taking Alice-- so we'll have a chance to investigate.

Does anyone else's dog get down when you leave?

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Mr. Puggle® said...

Princess Sighs-a-Lot

*****Brilliant! poor alice, missin' her man. mr. p goes to the fancy k9 hotel when we leave so there is lots to keep him busy. but he does get so excited when we pick him up.

have safe travels.