Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How I Know Alice is my Dog.

We have a fire station about two miles from our house, and the firefighters spend a good deal of time hanging out in our 'hood.  Like most red-blooded women of Earth, I have a thing for firefighters.  A BIG thing.  And these guys are hotter than the average firefighter, if you can believe it.  I'd totally buy their calendar.  Heck, I'd MAKE the calendar.

The Human Male takes Alice for a walk each morning while I'm getting dressed and reports back about who she met and the funny things she did along the way.  Today he came home and told me that I'd be proud of Alice.  

This morning the firefighters were down in our neck of the woods getting coffee and generally making the neighborhood a more beautiful place, and Alice ran over to them to say hello.  The studs cooed over her and gave her pettings.  

That might be the absolute enviable thing I've ever heard.

Alice can do a lot of neat tricks, but now I'm thinking that her best skill is that she can spot a hottie-- no pun intended.  


Petsitgal said...

Hmmm...I would be proud of Alice for spotting the hot firemen too and I think I'd give Alice an extra treat for her good taste in men (no pun intended)! Isn't it wonderful that dogs give their humans an excuse to talk to whoever we want to/whenever we want to? I've met so many people (both hot and nottie) since walking our coonhound, Daisy, and I love her for her socializing skills!
One word of advice though....Please set your alarm and get over to the fire station bright and early...don't let Alice have all of the fun!
-April & Daisy-

Mr. Puggle® said...

hmmmm, maybe alice can pose with a fireman for next year's puggle calendar? You, know for the sake of the doggies. it will be hard work for you to spend hours at the station taking pictures of the hotties with alice. it will be hard but i know you can do it for the sake of the unsaved doggies.