Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stamps to the Rescue.

Okay, so I'm about two months late on writing about this.  

The US Postal Service released a new book of stamps called Stamps to the Rescue.  They came out at the end of April and feature dogs and cats that were available for adoption (and found homes) from a Connecticut shelter. 

I picked up a boatload of them the day they came out-- and they are freaking precious.  I wish they were like the Breast Cancer stamp, where they cost a little extra and the money was donated, but there's a pet food company that's donating meals to shelters to celebrate the stamps, and they're bringing awareness to adopting (which is better than nothing).  USPS is also doing a sweet little cancellation all this month that touts adopting.  I've gotten three letters this week with the cancellation.  It was such a treat!  The only letter I've gotten this week that DIDN'T have it was one from Lydia & Pugs-- and she used the stamps (I got Willow).

Animal adoption is such a huge issue for me, and I just love having something in "the real world" where I can support and share that, if that makes sense.  I don't enjoy paying my gas bill, but I do like the idea of sending it out sealed with something I do.

I've found another joy in having them: deciding which pet's going out on my letter.  Even better, watching The Human Male decide.  He sent out a letter last week and spent a good two or three minutes deciding who should go out on it.  He eventually chose Teddy-- and then tilted him sideways so it looked like he was peeking around a corner.

Talk about cute.

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Mr. Puggle® said...

ouuuuu pretty background! i tried to get the stamps a few days ago and they are STILL out. i will try again tomorrow.