Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad: Sorry I didn't call this weekend...

We had one of "those" weekends in the Alice Palace. This is our last week before the holidays, and I know I'll definitely be having a very messy one, so we tried to pack everything we knew we'd need to do before Christmas into this weekend. This is the first second I've really had to sit, and it's now too late to call my folks and let them know I'm alive. Mamala and Popsy, please take a post as proof that I'll be there this weekend (and I'll call you this week)!

The big news for the weekend is that I have a new boyfriend. His name is Checkers and he's very handsome.

The Human Male and I were making a Target run and made a detour to the PetSmart next door when we saw a Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation truck outside. They were packing up their dogs and cats so we didn't get to talk to them (they also didn't bring any samples from the Lost Dog Cafe), but we saw some of their beautiful cats (including a Turkish Water Cat named Ashley that looks quite similar to my bro Pedro's cat The Sweez) and we met Checkers. He walked up to me in an aisle, leaned up against my leg, and rested his head on my kneecap.

I didn't know how to respond to that except to keel over swooning and fall in love with him. He is such a charmer.

So if you have a 55lb, black and white charmer-shaped hole in your life, I have a wonderful contender for you...


mamala said...

You didn't call???? I forgot my phone (which seldom happens) while we were out and Peter is pulling all nighters because finals are this week, so he would never remember to give us a message. Harry, Izzy and Z only like to bark and lick the phone not answer it. We were very busy too- we are having guests for Christmas and are getting ready-can't wait!
I think Lucy (the Sweez) must have flown to VA on her way back from Paris- Ashley looks just like her!
Checkers is adorable hope they both a home for Christmas.

Mr. Puggle said...

i can't see checkers. won't open.