Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Wants a Matched Set?

Yesterday afternoon I got a new e-mail from Noah's Arks Rescue, the group that's taking care of sweet Miss Daisy. Today's special dog was Lexus, the one snuggling her in that beautiful picture. She's some kind of beagle mix and has a paralyzed leg, so they're having her do rehab to see if they can get it working.

While the letters are typically tearjerkers, this one actually made me smile. In the listing it says that she's grown extremely close to Daisy and they'd like to see if they can have them adopted together. Yay!

I thought we could manage three dogs and maintain some sort of sanity and room on the bed, I'd absolutely put in an application. Alas, one little puggle's taken control of my life. Instead, I'm sending good thoughts their way with hope that it helps them find their family very soon.

If you have a puggle and beagle-mix gang-shaped hole in your life, Noah's Arks asks that you contact them-- phone, e-mail and address are on their website. And as a personal request, I ask that whoever adopts them to spoil those sweeties rotten and give them lots and lots of treats.

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