Monday, December 7, 2009

Sometimes Crying in the Store ISN'T Embarrassing.

The Human Male and I were at Trader Joe's Saturday morning. While exciting enough news on its own (I love Joe's!), I got a call from Mamala. Mamala doesn't call that often, so when she does, I know she has business.

And what great business she had! After a short conversation, she asked me a few questions about Noah's Arks Rescue, the group I posted about on Friday who is taking care of sweet Miss Daisy. And then she said that she and my Dad have decided to forgo giving the dogs presents this year and will instead be donating that money to Miss Daisy's recovery. They feel that she needs the money more than the dogs need more toys (especially when all Harry, Izzy, Z, and Alice really want is attention and people food), and are donating in honor of all of our dogs' mothers, who could have very well been in the same situation as Daisy.

At that point, the tears started flowing, right there in the check-out line. There are no words to describe just how happy this makes me. Even as I write this now, the apartment's feeling very, VERY dusty. As much fun as it is to buy the dogs toys and treats, I think this is such an incredibly great gift idea-- and a fabulous way to get around the whole "My dogs have too many toys" issue. I also like that it's kind of a way to initiate new members into the "Gotta Pick Up the Dog Toys Before Bed" Club-- the sooner Daisy gets better, the sooner her future family will be picking up her toys.

As an aside, I also feel very, very lucky to have the kind of parents that would think of doing something as awesome as this.

So if you're trying to think of a present for your pooch and wrestling with either what to get or if they really need anything else, I urge you to consider donating to an animal-related cause. I can guarantee it'll feel better than picking up toys at night!


Mr. Puggle said...

Yay Mamala!

Ariel said...

*tears* now human Granny is crying all over her keyboard. She is such a cry baby. Thanks for sharing the story and how wonderful... <3