Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiny Cousins.

Here are a couple of "Too Cute Not to Post" pictures. The first is of Molly, The Human Male's family's new cockapoo. She just turned seven months old.

Molly's ten pounds of curly fur and cuteness. While we were in New York, Molly did everything she could to get Alice to play with her. Her signature move was to bat Alice repeatedly in the head with her left hand (six out of the seven people in The Human Male's immediate family are lefties, so it's not too shocking Molly's left-handed, too), and then fall over when Alice looked at her. Alice ignored her at first, and then learned that a really fun game to play is to push a tennis ball and make Molly run after it.

The second picture is of Z, my parents' chihuahua, in her special new Zanta suit.

This picture absolutely ruins me-- I love how it looks like she's just told a joke and is laughing at it. How could that sweet little face not put you in the holiday spirit?


Mr. Puggle said...

cute pics! yes the lil' dog looks like he is laughing but not alice. she looks like she has the symbols (*&%#@% above her head as she wonders how she went from the harsh streets as a tough DC Dawg to lookin' like an elf in a sweater. poor alice.

mamala said...

The real secret to why Z looks so jolly is the treat that she had just eaten and the one just out of camera range. She will wear anything and pose for pictures if treats are involved! Z wants to be Alice's agent and negotiate treats for pictures! (just remember she gets 20% of all Alice's treats!)

Ariel said...

Love the pictures! Alice looks like she is Barking: "Where is the presents?" Love it! and the other little doggies are so cute too! Thanks for sharing.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3