Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little Bit of Holiday Cheer.

Greetings from the beautiful Midwest! We've made our yearly pilgrimage to the Motherland for Christmas. This year's trip was quite exciting. We'd decided to leave on Saturday and didn't change our plans when the Snowpocalypse happened. From the sound of it, we were some of the last few people that managed to get out of DC-- they started shutting down roads behind us (our town ended up getting 20.5" of snow). It definitely wasn't an easy trip-- it took us four hours to get through Maryland into Pennsylvania, or about 100 miles from home-- but we made it. My will to live, however, was a casualty of the storm and I spent a while yelling at The Human Male and crying that we should turn around. On the upside, we were able to find a room for the night at the Red Roof Inn in Monroeville, PA. It was really nice-- the staff was nice, the room was inexpensive and recently renovated, and the best part: not only dog-friendly, but had no added fee for pets. I recommend it!

Alice and my parents' posse are getting along quite well this year. Izzy and Alice have become the best of friends, and little Z seems to have eight times the personality of last year (she was just a puppy then)-- she's hysterical. Harry fleed to the Cleve for a few days and will be back tomorrow, but when we saw him on Sunday, he's still the happiest dog on Earth.

I'll write more about the cute game that Izzy and Alice have started playing a little bit later this week, but in the meantime, I have something fun to share. The Bark put out a call for holiday pictures for a slideshow, so I submitted Alice's sweater picture. And it made it! I think it just posted yesterday. A link to it is here: http://thebark.com/content/holiday-pooches. There are some really cute pictures on there.

Hope you're all enjoying your holidays!

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Have a merry Christmas!