Monday, December 14, 2009

A Pug with MANY Studs Sighting!

One of my very favorite fundraising events was held on Saturday: the Santa Speedo Sprint in Albany, New York. It benefits the Albany Damien Center, a fabulous organization that works with people and families living with HIV/AIDS. The Damien Center also sponsors a program called Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS), which assists people with HIV/AIDS maintain and take care of their pets-- so cool.

Here's how the Santa Speedo Spring works: first, people get dressed in not much festive wear. Then they meet at a couple of different bars on Lark Street, build up some liquid courage, and then do a .8K down Lark in their finest holiday garments.

No, the decimal is not a mistake. It's a 0.8K. 800 meters. But seeing how it was a balmy 25 degrees this year, that distance probably felt a lot longer. Nevertheless, the Santas did awesome this year-- not only did they look fabulous, they raised $13,000 dollars. That's huge!

I was looking at pictures over at All Over Albany and found one that was QUITE enthralling-- a pug took part this year!

Hey, Alice-- want to go to Albany next winter? I'll buy you a Bombers burrito...

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