Friday, September 17, 2010

Anyone heard of overnight fostering?

I don’t think there’s any secret that I’m feeling the urge to get a second dog.  The Human Male, being an unlikely voice of reason, has made a very valid point that we shouldn’t.  I know he’s right, so I’ve thought about doing volunteering and getting my fill of dogs that way.

Last night I was tooling around some local rescue group websites and found that one does overnight fostering.  Basically, if a transport comes in and the foster can’t keep the dog the first night (out of town, prior commitment, etcetera), you bring him in—basically give him dinner, a bath, and a bed for the night.

This definitely got my feelers up.  I think we could have an extra dog for a night every once in a while, and that short of time wouldn’t be a huge commitment and would alleviate concerns of getting too attached.  We definitely have a ton of questions before we’d consider signing up, and I’m just wondering: has anyone done this or know anyone who has?  I’d never heard of this before and it’s intriguing.  I’m very curious if it’s as good as it sounds and what the potential downsides are.

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Mr. Puggle® said...

good on you! great idea. sounds perfect.

only things i could foresee:
visiting dog marking in your rental
giving alice a cold or virus

Ariel said...

Yes Alice I am with Mr. Puggle on this one. Be careful with them fleas and dog markings and germs. <3