Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shana gets her bandana.

It’s been a trying few weeks in DC’s dog community.  There’s a lot of fear over if our dogs are safe in our streets since Parrot’s shooting (and another in-home police shooting of a dog shortly after).  There’s anger over what happened.  There’s cynicism if anything will be done about it.  And of course, there’s sadness over what was done.


A recent posting on Parrot’s memorial blog was from one of his event handlers.  Her tribute to him breaks my heart every time I’ve read it.  This boy beat all the odds: he beat a rough start and a kill shelter.  He was rescued, saved, looking for his home.  He was supposed to be in the clear.  And yet, this happened.  After everything he’d been through, he died at a festival.  Someplace that should’ve been fun and safe.


I’ll admit it, it’s been  easy to feel blue over this.  I’ve gotten weepy a number of times over Parrot.  I’ve actually felt a little guilty for what happened to him—I’m part of the species who gave him a rough start and ended his life.  And I feel guilty and angry that it happened on my home turf.  It’s irrational, but the feeling’s there.  He didn’t deserve what happened to him.  He didn’t get the chance to have a long, happy life that he deserved.


But a few days ago, the endlessly and wonderfully cheery Dawn of Lydia and Pugs retweeted something from the Ellen Show that gave me a good little “Aha!” moment.  Ellen was commenting on a news report of a dog who was dragged behind a truck and was—thankfully—recuperating.  Linking to the report, she wrote “As an animal lover, this story broke my heart. As a human, it makes me want to help. You can help, too.”


My goodness, what a wonderful reminder that we can compartmentalize.  As a dog lover, DC resident, and human, Parrot breaks my heart.  As a dog lover, DC resident, and human, it’s my job to act and support the things that will work to make sure this never happens again, not on our watch.


The letters will continue to be sent to the police (who responded to mine with not the typical form letter that went out) and to the soon-to-be mayor (DC’s current one never responded—and then lost his primary two days after the shooting.  Coincidence?), the donations to preventing animal cruelty and breed discrimination will continue to be made.  And the successes towards making this place world safer and more secure for all dogs will be celebrated.


The first item on that list?  Shana.


Shana’s an American Bulldog (a great breed—our neighbors just got one named Roxy and she’s the keeeeee-youtest character) and the first of “Parrot’s Pals”—dogs who are rescued using funds from the Parrot Fund.  She was rescued in South Carolina just days after Parrot’s death and arrived less than a week later


At events, Lucky Dogs wear green bandanas.  In the early pictures before she arrived, Shana was wearing a red polka-dotted one.  In more recent photos, Shana has a green one.

 [There are more pictures of her on Petfinder.  Please go view her page and share it.]

It’s bittersweet and heartwarming.  That look of hope and happiness in her eyes makes genuinely want her to have the all the toys, treats, beds, love, snuggles, tennis balls thrown, adventures, and years that the world can offer.


So very , very much so.


Mr. Puggle® said...

You are so right. It is SO painful all around. I am going to choose to think of Parrot as a K9 Jesus.

Parrot was taken down in a cruel, untimely, & unjust death when he was just trying to bring love into world. While he lay there with his life bleeding into the stairwell, he would have licked the very hand of the unworthy man who shot him demonstrating unconditional & sacrificial love. Parrot's death will bring life to many near death dogs.

Jesus suffered a cruel, untimely, & unjust death when He was only bringing love to the world. As he bled He said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." That sacrifice opened up a perfect eternity for all the unworthy that receive His gift.

I am undeserving and might as well been the one who shot Parrot or pounded the nail into Jesus' palm yet He knew me and all the hairs on my head. He loved me that much to lay down his life though I was unworthy.

I picture Parrot at the feet of Jesus at this very moment. I see Jesus bending down and rubbing his belly. They have a lot in common. Coolest thing? There are no tears in heaven. They are pouring out of my eyes now, but Parrot has not one. He is in the presence of ultimate love & peace. He knows no evil. He is with his creator.

Thank you for excepting the gift of life from Parrot and helping all the other dogs in DC with your time, money, & letter writing.

Mr. Puggle® said...

I put pointy parenthesizes around the phrase "Said Like Will Ferrell" but it didn't show up in my post. That is "K9 Jesus" said like Will Ferrell's "Baby Jesus." I didn't want to offend anyone who would find K9 Jesus sacrilegious.

Ruby's Other Momma said...

There are some sick and twisted people in this world. As an adult I am having a very hard time trying to understand how human beings can be so cruel. Two days ago a border collie was thrown from a moving vehicle on my home turf. The community has really stepped up and more than $12,000 was raised in just about a day and a half -the half day being from midnight to 9AM!- for "Hope"'s medical bills. There are good people in the world, and they far outnumber the bad, it is just so very hard to understand the behaviors of the bad human beings. (it's really dusty but you can read about Hope at nokill-louisville dot com)

Sending lots of prayers out to Shana, Hope, and all of the other abused, family-less, neglected fur friends. Hugs to you, Alice.

Love, Ruby Sue and Telly too (and Grandma)

Ariel said...

Human Granny's heart and mine is broken and has lost much respect for Police Officers after hearing of so many shootings in and around the D.C. area. We have so much more to do to teach others (even Police Officers with the k9 unit) how to handle pups. Well human Granny is trying to get a law made and passed called 'Parrot's Law-Stop Breed Profiling'. Yes like Mr. Puggle says 'No Tears in Heaven' and human Granny is so Greatful for that.... <3
Bless the Beast and the Children for in this world they have no voice....<3