Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Found/Missing/Found/Missing: A Tree!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on the blog before.  By our house we have a planter that had a sad looking pine tree in it.  Since the day we moved in two years ago, the tree has been losing more and more needles.  We thought it actually made it through our Snowmageddons, but it quickly went downhill early this spring.  By the beginning of June, there were seriously only about five needles left on it.  The rest were on our patio.

One Work-at-Home Friday in May or June, I heard some people talking in our courtyard.  It was a couple of people from our front office and a guy who seemed to know a lot about landscaping.  They fawned over some trees in other planters, then walked over to ours and said matter-of-factly, "So, this one's dead."

I immediately texted The Human Male to let him know that we were finally getting a new tree.

I took one last picture with Charlie Brown:

While I was in Portland, they removed it:

And then they put in a new one:

After a couple of weeks, we noticed that New Tree wasn't doing so well.  Shortly afterward, we found a very similar yet healthier one in its place.

The tree seems to still be doing okay (although the sprinkler system in the planter went berserk this weekend and now shoots a 10 foot flood of water against our patio door at 3:30 in the morning).  It's losing some leaves, but I don't know if that's a sign of trouble or Autumn.  Fingers crossed this one holds up!


Mr. Puggle® said...

love the pic of alice looking so sad. her tree was gone. so funny.

fingers crossed.

Ariel said...

Great News that you got a new one. <3