Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Found: The Best Tea Shop Ever.

While we were in New York for my friend Karla's wedding, we made a stop before we went home at a place called Alice's Tea Cup.  I'd read about it maybe a year or so ago and have been itching to get there.  Since I was going through Alice withdrawal, I thought it'd be as appropriate a time as any to go.

It was a bit different than I anticipated.  We went to the one on West 73rd (Chapter 1) and it was definitely well-loved.  It's fancy enough that you feel like you're somewhere doing something special, but it's in a state that's great for kids to spend time without worrying that they'll ruin the seats.  Looking at the pictures of the two other locations, I think those might be fancier.  One thing that I was a bit disappointed with was that I thought you could borrow fairy wings while you were there, but alas, you had to buy them.

That being said, Chapter 1 was whimsical and charming.  It was in a little brownstone storefront, with keyhole-shaped door windows in the back and absolutely adorable tables made of old sewing machine stands.  More importantly, the tea was spectacular.  We ordered a pot of Alice's Tea, their signature tea made of green and black tea, vanilla, and roses.  Ohhhhhhhh, it's HEAVENLY!  We brought some home and have made many, many pots of hot and iced tea with it.  I'm so in love.  I can't wait to get to New York again and pick up a boatload of it.

If you find yourself in New York and would like a special cup of tea, I definitely recommend stopping in.  Just BYO Fairy Wings.

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