Friday, September 17, 2010

Found: A Store for Alice!

It was a pleasant surprise to find a Black Dog store in Mystic.  We went to one in Martha's Vineyard on a family vacation twelve years ago, and I loved it.  I'm not a big fan of branded things (a funny attribute of someone who does marketing), but I'm a sucker for Black Dog stuff.  First, it's a dog, and second, it was originally used as a way for Martha's Vineyardites to identify one another when they were on the mainland.  How cool is that?  I just had to have my black dog taken in front of their sign.

What was super cool is that they were completely fine that Alice came in the store-- which meant I bought more.  I bought a couple of wine glasses with black dogs etched on them and a new girly collar for Alice.  I couldn't resist.  Alice's regular collar is extremely special-- it's a skull and crossbones collar that was given to her by my friend Lindy as an adoption gift.  It's pretty beat up now, but to "replace" it, the new one had to be tremendously fabulous.  Alice's new one is made of a preppy pink and green-striped ribbon with little black dogs on it.  The color looks great on her-- we can now see her from outside when she stands in the window.  I also think it's funny that it has black dogs on it, plus we're still keeping with her nautical theme.

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