Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Run, Alice, Run!

On June 19th (not long after I wrote this post), Alice did something she's never done before: she ran in a real 5K!

The Red Cross of the National Capital Region had a 5 and 10K fundraiser, and the 5K (3.1 miles) allowed dogs.  I love the Red Cross-- they helped out a friend after she had a house fire a few years ago, and a good friend of mine used to work there.  When we heard about the dog-friendly race, the Human Male and I jumped on it.

Here's Alice picking up her number at the Alexandria Red Cross Chapter:

And here are some action shots.  I'd like to say that they're blurry not because I was jiggling the camera, but because we were going sooooo faaaaaassst.  Really, I swear! 

Each race I try to find someone that I'll finish before/close to/not far after.  This was Alice's-- the teeniest, tiniest chihuahua ever.  He was seriously four inches tall.

Halfway point!

And here she is crossing the finish line!

I was so proud of her.  Her official time was 39:34-- awesome for a little 22lb dog, especially on a very hot morning!  The wonderful crowd cheered whenever a dog crossed.  It was so sweet.

After the race, Alice was barely winded.

I'm so proud of my little runner!

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