Friday, September 17, 2010

Found: Mystic Pizza!

On our way home from Providence, I saw signs for Mystic, Connecticut.  Living in New York, I heard a lot about Mystic Seaport-- apparently it's a normal school trip who live in the state.  I'd never been there and was curious about it.  Not only because it's a seaport (I'm a sucker for water and tiny seaside towns), but because of the fabled Mystic Pizza, a la the 80's girly movie.  

I drove the first few hours back and took a detour when we saw the turn-off for Mystic, much to The Human Male's chagrin (though not really a surprise).

In short, Mystic is FREAKING ADORABLE.  In the 20 minutes we were there, it just seemed like the perfect little seaside town.  We got there and my brain immediately started screaming "Don't make me go back to DC!"  I started thinking about how much vacation time I had left and how expensive it would really be to keep our rental car for a few extra days.  We did end up driving back home that day, but I really want to go back.  Now.  

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